Skills used

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Frontend Development

About the project

opengi are one of the leading providers of software to the insurance industry. I joined the business on a contract basis to lead the UI/UX process for transforming their offering from a desktop based solution to a web app. The product had never previously been touched by a designer and had been built up over a course of many years by developers using winforms. This presented a unique set of challenges but also an opportunity to completely transform a UI that had never been improved and had a wide variety of different users from small brokers to household insurance brands.

During my time on the project I introduced a lean UX process which consisted of conducting stakeholder interviews/workshops to obtain a thorough understanding of what areas of the software were a priority for the business and to create problem statements in order to understand how we could improve upon what we already had on offer for our users. Once problems were identified we created a set of hypotheses which outlined how we could improve the product. I then produced a set of working prototypes which I presented to key stakeholders within the business and iterated on until we felt they had satisfied our hypothesis.

Once the prototypes were agreed I then progressed onto creating a clean UI for the web app. Although opengi had clear branding they had never previously dedicated any time to designing a UI. Using Sketch I first created a library of reusable assets such as typography, icons, buttons and content boxes. This formed the basis for creating the complete user journey within Sketch.

Finally, when the UI was complete I then converted this into code with HTML, CSS and JS while working closely with their backend development team out in Macedonia.

At the end of the project opengi revealed their new web app at a major insurance conference in which it was well received by industry users.

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